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- multimedia interview project -

"What advice would you give to your younger self?"

My hopes are that people will read these and allow themselves to absorb the rawness of humanity. I randomly went up to people and asked them to share something that could've gotten incredibly personal and uncomfortable. Instead, every single one of the people you'll see below, was open and quite happy to share that with me. Every person was quick to compliment me and eager to be alerted when my piece was published. When we live in a world where it's easy to forget the purity of people, the simplest interactions can mean the most. We have to remember, humans are capable of the most selfish, disgusting, and degrading acts, but are also capable of being incredibly selfless, empathic and understanding. It's all up to you. - Mikayla Yurman founder and creator of Third Eye M3dia

Bryan (Yonkers, NY)

"stop being a asshole, stop procrastinating, just literally do it. I think that’s the best advice I’ve ever gotten. And to make some noise."


Patricia a.k.a Grandma Techno (Detroit MI)

"Try to get out of yourself. I was very boy crazy and that was all I thought about, I look back and I think I lost a lot of opportunities. I also want to broaden my view, especially now with everyone being online.

         Go someplace where they have totally different views than you. As best you can just try to see that there are so many different world views and if you can find them just follow them for a while. I also always say go ahead and dare to be different, dare to be totally yourself no matter what everybody else thinks. That’s the hardest part for young people, it took me until I was at least 50. I think those would be the main things"


Connor  (Long Beach, CA) 

"I guess all the doubts that you have, are gonna wash away because persistence is the key to get rid of all of that."

Maureen (New York, NY)
"Put your money in real estate. Realize you're independent and don't need a man."
Lion (New York, NY)

"Care less about what people think. That is very important as a young person.

Go harder with what you feel about yourself, you get to what you want faster."

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