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short stories - poetry - life

Ava M. 15 (New York City, NY)



words have always been my favorite weapon
but i’m unsure of what to say
maybe weapon isn’t the right word, it’s too definite
more like words are my life, and it’s fading away

teach me, tell me, help me learn
because i’m over here dreaming
and you’re waiting for your voice to be heard
you keep me from leaning

it’s like sadness
when one person is heartbroken, it envelops a whole group
or like happiness
it’s infectious, like a good
memory forever in a loop

and i keep replaying that memory
like an addict nurses her addiction
over and over and over, sweet like honey
until i’m not sure what’s real and what’s fiction

and i’m trying to separate the two

because it’s not healthy to live in the past
i can’t help but fall through
because you were my first, and i don’t want you to be my last

you have a hunger, a thirst for knowledge
you want to read every book and know every line
i want to do the best i can, i don’t care about being acknowledged
i want to meet everyone, but have someone i can call mine

and maybe that’s asking for too much
i can see that it is
as my dreams have already been hushed
because of that night, and what happened to his

the flames took his dream away
flames that ignited from my fingertips
it took me awhile to see it that way
but now i can’t STOP seeing it

and so teach me, tell me, help me learn
because i don’t know how much longer i can take it
watching the people i love most burn
all because of a match i lit

they’re gone and i’m left standing
i don’t know what i’m gonna do
a ship once sailing is now a ship tanking
i have to live the life that they won’t get to

Anonymous, 14  (Manhattan, NY)

we are all fools
we don't know how to act 
we are all fools
we hurt the people that we love the most
we are all fools
we need to get it together 
we are all fools
we are the ones who will end the world
we are all fools 
we cannot blame anyone except ourselves
we are all fools
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